Diversity and Women in Leadership 

Relative to their low representation, women leaders make a significant and disproportionally positive impact on company success. Increasing their presence and impact at board and senior executive level is key to growth and market penetration.

There are many complex reasons behind this lack of women leaders, not least a historical cultural bias and an inertia to change that is only slowly being overcome. Our experience shows that a lack of confidence and certain skill sets, such as understanding the importance of effectual networking and positioning as well as overcoming issues such as the Impostor Syndrome, are key areas to address.

We created our Women in Leadership programmes specifically to meet this need; to up-skill and equip women to develop their own highly effective leadership styles and operate with real confidence. Our programmes help women pursue their career ambitions and increase their impact on company success - whether as a team member or an entrepreneur starting her own venture.

Our programmes change a woman’s approach to her role and herself. They create insight, personal growth and sustainable benefits. She will understand that she already has many of the qualities and skills required and learn to improve the capabilities she has to succeed in leadership positions and pursue her own newly focused ambitions.

These programmes are designed for successful women to recognise their success, claim their confident selves and create opportunities for progression to senior or board level. Based on research, experience and evidence from industry, the content has been carefully crafted to create tailored leadership programmes for women.

As a result of the programmes, female leaders are able to maximise their own potential and increase their contribution to company success. They will understand that they can compete with their male counterparts on their own terms and merit.

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